Remember the dead

Why should we remember the dead? I suppose there are thousands of reasons to do so. But among possible reasons, any remembrance doesn't serve any purpose for the dead. The act of remembering, on the contrary, serves the living who mourn the dead, who feel obligated to pass their stories to the future. The dead … Continue reading Remember the dead

On discussing those 141 people

The arrest of 141 people accused of having gay sex party at a sauna in northern part of Jakarta has sent shock right throughout the nation. Looked at with contempt, this incident is considered an anomaly in a nation where being straight is a norm while being outside this norm is an abomination. This contempt … Continue reading On discussing those 141 people

Mom’s untold story

This is really personal. But, I need to write it anyway. I had this conversation with my mom some time seven years ago. After all these years, I finally put it in words. Wow, this suddenly sounds nostalgic now. I suppose this nostalgic quality derives from the fact that I hadn't had such a conversation … Continue reading Mom’s untold story

In all things, love

Few months ago our school screened Jihad Selfie, a documentary about Akbar Maulana, a teenager who almost voluntarily joined ISIS. Bedazzled by all-powerful ISIS propaganda, he thought that it was his call to join the Muslim radical insurgents. While figuring his way to Syria, he accidentally met a complete stranger who engaged him in a … Continue reading In all things, love

Politics and promises

Could we imagine the presence of politics without promises? Could we think of the last election in the city without those hopes and sweet promises heralded from podiums?    As politics deals with the coexistence of human beings, promises readily throw light on human’s capacity of initiating actions to furthering the good life. However, promises are … Continue reading Politics and promises

Apa ragimu?

Berjaga-jagalah dan awaslah terhadap ragi orang Farisi dan ragi Herodes (Mrk 8:15) Berbeda dengan ragi instan yang biasa dibeli di pasaran, ragi (leaven/yeast) yang dipakai orang Yahudi biasanya diambil dari potongan adonan roti yang dibuat sebelumnya, yang disimpan serta difermentasi untuk kepentingan pembuatan roti berikutnya. Dalam pembuatan roti, ragi penting karena berfungsi mengembangkan adonan. Karena … Continue reading Apa ragimu?

Hari pertama dalam dekapan ibu…

Perjalanan itu terjadi dua puluh tiga tahun silam. Jarak enam puluh lima kilometer yang ditempuh terasa abadi, seakan tiada ujung dan akhir. Masih tersimpan dalam ingatan yang samar-samar ketiga wajah yang menemani ziarah hari itu: seorang pengemudi, sang ayah dan ibu. Tempat yang menjadi tujuan akhir perjalanan hari itu sudah kuketahui sebelumnya. Sejak duduk di … Continue reading Hari pertama dalam dekapan ibu…

A boy and his grandpa

It was a moving moment: a little boy visited his bedridden grandpa after receiving his first holy communion. It was uncertain what that boy might think when making that visit. He might feel proud to tell his grandpa that he finally went through that landmark rite. Yes, he was eventually made the full partaker of … Continue reading A boy and his grandpa


It was a milestone in the history of this nation, when the alumni of a historic movement again assembled and commemorated the one-year-old event. My wildest guess says that many will likely remember this day as a witness to a certain type of populism that successfully brought down an unwanted ruler, an abomination that made … Continue reading Alumni